Robinson R44 Illustrated Parts Catalog




Type Certificate Number H11NM

The catalog features:
1. A table of contents located in the front of the catalog.
2. Alphabetical and numerical indexes located in the back of the catalog.
Robinson parts are designated with a part number prefix “A”, “B”, “C”, etc., followed by three digits
and a dash number, such as A101-1. Robinson special tools are designated with a part number prefix
“MT”. For standard hardware items such as bolts, nuts, screws, etc., “AN”, “MS”, and “NAS” part
numbers are used. When a rivet length is not specified, length must be determined by the installer. In
some instances, vendor part numbers are also used.
“X” indicates part is available as a separate spares item.
“O” indicates part is no longer available, or only available as part of a higher assembly.
Assy – assembly
min – minimum
TR – Tail Rotor
A/R – as required
MM – Maintenance Manual
TRDS – Tail Rotor Drive Shaft
A.O.G. – Aircraft On Ground
MR – Main Rotor
Cont’d – continued
Ref – Part(s) “referenced” for clarity
Incl – includes
RH – right hand
LH – left hand
RHC – Robinson Helicopter Company
max – maximum
§ – Section
All orders must include instructions for shipping. All parts or components shipped to RHC must include
a signed Component Return/Authorization Form. Return shipments must be paid for by the dealer or
distributor. NOTE: Handling fees will be applied to all orders received which are under $1,000.00.
Orders shipped on an A.O.G. basis (24 hours domestic, 48 hours foreign) will be assessed additional
RHC will apply the same 1-year or 1000-hour RHC limited warranty to all parts and components
purchased from RHC.
No unused parts may be returned to RHC for credit if the parts show any indication whatsoever of use
or damage, or if the cost of the individual part was less than $25 (U.S.). Parts returned within 30 days
of purchase will be assessed a 20% restocking fee. No parts may be returned after 30 days without
prior RHC approval. Any parts approved for return after 30 days will be assessed a 50% restocking fee.
Before using this catalog, be sure it includes all current revised pages. A list of revised pages is located
in Chapter 100, Revision Log at the back of the catalog. If a new parts catalog is purchased, be sure
to complete and mail the revision service application found in front of the catalog. This will ensure that
you will receive all current revisions as they are published for a one-year period. The revision status of
Robinson Technical Publications can be referenced on the Internet at
RHC reserves the right to cancel, add or change the parts and assemblies described in this catalog
without notice.

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