Piper Cherokee Service Manual PA-28, Part-753-586


Piper Cherokee Service Manual


Part Number 753-586

pages: 912

The Piper Cherokee Service Manual information incorporated in this set of Aerofiche cards has been arranged in accordance with the general specifications of Aerofiche adopted by the General Aviation Manufacturer’s Association,
(GAMA). The information compiled in this Aerofiche Service Manual will be kept current by revisions distributed

These revisions will supersede all previous revisions and will be complete Aerofiche card replacements and shall supersede Aerofiche cards of the same number in the set.

Conversion of Aerofiche alpha/numeric code numbers:
First number is the Aerofiche card number.
Letter is the horizontal line reference per card.
Second number is the vertical line reference per card.

Example: 2J16 = Aerofiche card number two of given set, Grid location J16.
To aid in locating the various chapters and related service information desired, the following is provided:
1. A complete manual Table of Contents is for all fiche in this set.
2. A complete list of Illustrations is given and follows the Table of Contents.
3. A complete list of Tables is given for all fiche in this set and follows the list of Illustrations.
4. A complete list of paragraph titles and appropriate Grid location numbers is given at the beginning of each
The chapter relates to the information within that Chapter.
5. Identification of Revised Material:

A black vertical line indicates revised text and illustrations along the left-hand margin of the
frame, opposite revised, added, or deleted material. Revision lines indicate only current revisions with changes and
additions to or deleting existing text and illustrations. Revision lines do not identify changes in capitalization, spelling, punctuation, indexing, the physical location of the material, or complete page additions.

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