BendixKing Vizion 380/385 Series Autopilots Installation Manual


Vizion 380/385 Series Autopilots Installation Manual
TruTrak, xCruze
Vizion 380 385 Series
Installation Manual
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The xCruze 100 controller unit is designed to mount in the aircraft instrument panel
within view and reach of the pilot. The maximum recommended viewing angle should be
no more than 20 deg. The maximum mounting angle the xCruze 100 can
accommodate is 10 degrees longitudinal (pitch) axis and 0 degrees lateral (roll or
yaw) axis. The location should be such that the controller unit is not blocked by the
glare shield on top, or by the throttles, control yoke, etc. on the bottom. Use
appropriate aircraft installation standards for mounting and support of the autopilot
controller. After completion of mechanical installation, apply torque seal (Cross Check
A498M or equivalent) to all servo and servo linkage fasteners.


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